Monday, 29 July 2013

do you have any questions?

I thought it might be a nice idea to have a Q&A session for any of you that are curious about using a Big Shot in your quilting projects. Maybe you already have one and want to try some of the quilting dies and would like to know which dies I find the most useful?
I get quite a few emails, messages via twitter and instagram, asking my advice about dies, the machines and what I would recommend to buy so there must be some of you out there that have burning questions to ask.

Leave a comment on this post and next Monday I'll answer your questions.

The picture that accompanies today's post is a project I made earlier in the year using the hexagons dies. I was really sad to see this cushion go off to Sizzix UK HQ (I really hope one day it'll come back home). I used fabrics by Sarah Fielke that were only available in Australia and I think it's probably one my favourite projects ever. It's simple but, oh my gosh, I love it.

hexy pillow


  1. Yes you and Lynne persuaded me to buy a big shot and I now have leaves and Drunkard path dies because the curves are a bit of a bore to cut. So what else should I get - maybe put a wishlist together for Christmas?

    Do you resize blocks now to fit your dies?

    You did ask !
    Do you cut up all your scraps with dies - Katy thinking about your blocks with all those 2.5" squares?

    How easy is it to keep all the fabric straight with those long cuts using the extended platforms - do you still get banana shapes like when I cut long strips from doubled up yardage with a rotary cutter?

    How easy is it to cut across your strips to get the smaller cuts - like diamonds/squares using those long strip dies?

    1. I would most definitely buy the strip dies if you can, I sometimes get banana strips if I haven't folded them straight but that really is me being lazy and trying to cut 16 strips at a time without ironing or folding. I tried the cutting into squares after strips but tbh it's a pain for me, I bought the 2.5" square die instead. love the 2.5" strip sooooooooooo much its binding, jelly rolls, borders, love love love

  2. I would really like to know why we don't get the dies that sizzix us sell, the half hexi isn't coming over, they get so many more applique dies and quilting dies than us and I understand supply and demand but surely they could offer a pre order or something. It's actually taking selling opportunities away from the UK/Europe as for people to get the dies they want they have to go to US organisations and they can fit 5 dies in a international envelope...much cheaper than ordering direct from Sizzix uk who's shipping cost is off the scale expensive...
    #getting off soapbox now

  3. I only have one question, why don't they sell them here in the bottom of the globe in New Zealand. I'd LOVE one. But no sorry no questions like you actually meant! It looks fantastic.

  4. I've got a sizzix on my Christmas wish list but want to ask for some dies so if I do get the machine I can start using it straight away. Are there any I won't be able to live without? Also is it easy to use scraps with them and is there much wastage?

  5. I have a Big Shot and recently bought the 2.5" strip die and 2.5" square die and only ever use the strip die, which more than earned its keep for the Scrappy Trip Around the World Bee blocks.

    As it is my birthday soon I would like to treat myself to another die, which one should I try next?

  6. I really would love to know which are your top 5 dies to have. And with hexagons - do you buy the pre cut papers still, or have the die one size below the cut of your fabrics to get the paper size you need?

  7. We're thinking of buying one for our quilting group together with just a few dies to begin with. So my question is which dies do you think should we start with? I'm thinking hexes in 2 sizes (for fabric and papers) drunkards path, apple cores, Dresden's - the sort of thing that are a pain to cut. Do you really think it is worth cutting strips and squares with a Sissix or should we just stick to rotary cutting for those? Looking forward to your reply, I'm hoping to make a purchase at FoQ in a couple of weeks.

  8. I love reading about your Sizzix fun. Too bad I got a Go a couple of years ago.

  9. I guess similar to other questions, wanting to ask for one for my birthday and wondering what would make a must have starter package?

  10. I'm interested in the answers to all of these questions!

  11. I am toying with the idea of buying the big shot, not sure I can justify the price and think if I want to do EPP hexagons I will need to buy 2 dies, one for the papers and one for fabric or do they came in pairs. Think Sizzix will be at the Festival of quilts, will look out for them when I go on the saturday, that is if I can get near the stand! If I was to buy one can you advise what are the best dies to purchase. See lots of questions have ben posted, are the answers going to be on this blog so we can see them all or do you reply to the email addresses Think that is enough from me!

  12. Any storage tips for the dies? They don't go back in the packaging very easily, do you just stack them on a shelf? Sorry it's a late question - I only got mine last weekend so it's a new problem! Thanks