Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Felt Fun!

Sewing, quilting, appliqué, patchwork the list goes on and on! With Bigz dies you can cut a huge range of textiles from organza through to super thick felt. I have been playing around with a few new ideas using circle dies to create 3-D flowers and I came up with a couple of things which I would like to share with you all.

I used the largest circle on the Bigz die in the new Big Shot Starter Kit together with some good quality medium weight felt. 

I started by folding a strip of blue felt into 4 layers and placed it over the circle die prior to cutting. I cut the four circles using my Big Shot and repeated the process until I had 10 circles. I then cut 2 smaller circles from heavy weight card using the same die.Next, I folded one of the circles in half and applied a blob of hot glue in the centre as shown before folding into quarters and holding closed between thumb and index finger until the glue sets (Some glue guns are hotter than others so take care!).


Using the glue gun, I attached one of the folded circles with the point roughly in the centre of a die cut card circle. Repeat 4 times which leaves a natural well in the centre to place your fifth felt circle. Repeat these steps to make a second one and attach either ribbon or string to the centre before gluing them back to back to form a pom-pom.

I'm sure that there are many ways to use these but I thought they would look elegant and contemporary hanging from a Christmas tree.

If it's too early to be thinking about Christmas in this unseasonably sultry weather we are having in the UK, how about a brooch for that wedding your off to? I used the same half pom-pom as before but I place a jewelled hat pin through the centre and bent it at 90 degrees using a small pair of pliers and I created the leaves using a square of green felt.

I folded the square in half across the diagonal and half again before securing with the glue gun. Next I folded the leaves back and attached it to the back of the brooch again, using the glue gun.

Feel free to tack the felt with stitches if you prefer, rather than using the glue gun. I'm sure this will give greater peace of mind to the purists amongst you!

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