Monday, 22 July 2013

tu whit tu whoo

Two of the projects I've worked on for Sizzix over the past few months and haven't shared fully before are this owl cushion and petal mini quilt.

birds eye view

Every month I have to make a project or 2 or 3 that gets sent off to Sizzix for either a web tutorial or magazine projects. I get set a brief of what to make using particular dies and off I go. For these projects I was asked to make 2 items using the owl die and the leaves die, both of which are applique dies. My idea was that the projects could be made for a new baby, the mini quilt would make a pretty wall hanging or useful mat on a table and the cushion would be perfect decoration in a nursery.

I'm definitely going to make some more of those owl cushions for my niece's birthday this year, I think they'll be a big hit with her. She loves cushions, and everyone loves owls, don't they?


  1. They both look fab, any little girl would love them!

  2. How pretty and cheery, and, yes, I think everyone loves owls, or they should :-)

  3. That leaf die - would it take the hard work out of Brioni's summer petals quilt?

    1. hi Nicky! Yes and no - I'm not sure what size the petals are on B's quilt, but this die would cut out similar shapes. There are 2 sizes of petal on the die though so you would end up with a mix of the 2 sizes. Katy

  4. Very cute! I love the owl pillow and I think any little girl would like to have one of those. I will have to add it to my to-do Christmas gift list. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Tutorial for that owl cushion?!! Oh yes please! :-)