Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Chasing Rainbows!

I want to share a lovely story with you all, which happened last week while I was reading my 3 year old daughter (Pictured below in Daddy's glasses) a bed time story. As I was reading the book and ploughing through my full repertoire of facial contortions and silly voices she pointed straight at me and said 'Daddy, a rainbow!'. 

There is a moon shaped light on the wall behind me and I thought that she was talking about the light shining through what is left of my hair.

She continued to repeat 'a rainbow, a rainbow!' until she reached forward and lovingly traced each line in my forehead with her finger.

What a wonderful way to describe wrinkles, I hope they got there from smiling and not frowning!

So..... This week I decided to take rainbows as my theme, Sadly we don't currently make a rainbow die so I reached for my old friend the circle Framelits and I used two sets which provide me with every size I could ever need The sets are Circles and Circles #2.

I picked out 6 circle dies which, for the instructions, we shall number with 6 being the largest and 1 being the smallest.

I chose my rainbow colours from quality heavyweight card stock (Inspire Me Papers are super quality) and cut each one in turn I also used circle #3 to cut a hole in the centre of the red, orange, yellow and green circles. The blue circle is cut using die #2, with die #1 used to cut the hole in the centre. Next, I matted them together using PVA glue before cutting the concentric circles in half using craft knife and steal ruler (Don't discard the other half!)

To make the little clouds I used the smallest Framelits die in the Scalloped Ovals set and cut two from white card, before trimming away the bottom third of each die-cut with scissors and re-attaching it with 3D foam pads to appear like overlapping clouds. Next I attached the clouds to the base of the rainbow using the pads.

Finally I made a 'Rainbow quote search' on my computer before settling for the words of wonderful Maya Angelou. I printed the quote onto a white card blank using my PC and attached my rainbow...Easy-peasy!

As I was getting ready to post my blog I noticed the other half of the rainbow sitting all by itself on the edge of my cutting mat. There can be no sadder sight than a discarded rainbow, that is, if it wasn't for the fact that it sat upside-down creating a beautiful rainbow smile.......


  1. What a delightful story, Pete - your little girl is so sweet and must get some of her creative imagination from her Dad at least! I love rainbows in real life and your lovely cards have really captured the essence and magic of them. I'm also impressed by the multicoloured highlighted word in the quotes and the drop shadow you've added. Really beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Wendy, I think she may have a pinch of daddy's creative side but thankfully she has her mother's looks!