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Christmas Blog Hop - Day 4!



Monday 22nd November - Katy Jones
Tuesday 23rd November - Hadley Gordon
Wednesday 24th November - Carolyn Forster
Thursday 25th November - me!
Friday 26th November - Kerry Green


Hello - welcome to day 4 of our Christmas blog hop.
I've been thinking about what to do for this blog for weeks and had so many ideas - but the winner is a table runner and place mats - which co-ordinate with my Azure coloured dinner service.
This is such a lovely quick make - using the Big Shot and Bigz dies - 657608 (3" finished square),
657612 (3" finished 1/2 square triangle), 657633 ( 1 1/2" finished strips for the bindings).
I was about to go out to my local patchwork shop to buy some new Christmas fabrics, that I'd seen the previous week, when I thought I'd just look in my stash - and I found these gems by Nancy Haslvorsen

 ( I doubt that you'll be able to find them now but there are some fantastic modern Christmas fabrics in stores now).
For the table runner
- you will need the following fabrics - fabric 1 is on the left, 2 in the middle and 3 on the right.
Fabric 1 - 60cms for squares, triangles and binding.
Fabric 2  and 3 - 40cms so each for squares  Backing 15" x 68"
Wadding 15" x 68" x 2
For each place mat you will need -
Fabric 1 - 30cms
Fabric 2 and 3 -20cms of each
Backing - 15" x 24"
Wadding -15" x 24" x 2.
I started by cutting all the fabrics for the table runner and place mats ( I'm making 12 mats so I had quite a few to do!
For the table runner  I cut -
Fabric 1 - 15 squares using die 657608, 24 triangles with die 657612, and binding strips with Bigz XL die 657633 - 4 strips ( you will need extended cutting plates for this die)
Fabric 2 - 28 squares
Fabric 3 - 26 squares.

Make the rows for the table runner using the photo as a guide - ( bottom of the picture is  row 1)
Make 2 each of rows 1,2 and 3.
Make 9 of row 4.
Join the rows together.
Layer the back, double wadding ( for heat protection ) and the pieced top, pin and quilt - I quilted in the ditch around fabric 1 squares and triangles. Join the binding strips together, and press in half along the length and attach to the table runner, trim the backing and wadding and then stitch the folded edge of the binding to the back.
For the place mat use the photo below as a guide - you will need to make 2 each of rows 1 and 2 - and the middle row is row 5 - and you only need 1.

Complete in the same way as the table runner.
Now all you need is to make a few more place mats and then add Christmas dinner!
This set is subtle and I think I'll be able to use it all year round - but you can make it as bright and Christmassy as you like. You can also shorten or extend the runner by adding more or fewer of row 4.
So at least now I feel like I've started my preparation for Christmas - only presents to buy and food to plan - nearly there really.
I hope you're enjoying this week of blogs as much as we are.
Happy sewing.

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