Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Box decoration using Sizzix dies

Christmas is only a few days away. But I like to make small decorations each year during the month of December. This time I have made a box for an artificial tea light candle.

I used the Thinlits Christmas Phrase Cards 659973, card, vellum and adhesives.

I took a piece of red card that measure 6 x 12".
I started with the smaller of the two outer cards included in the set as a guideline on where to make the score lines, top, bottom and side always on the outside of the die.
then I scored those long horizontal lines.

By placing the same die over I ensured that it was the right size each time. You see that die create a thin border but with the added metal on the side creates a perfect size panel as you can see on the right.

I kept making marks and scoring each panel.

The final one creates a tiny 5th panel which is brilliant to close the box.

Before starting to die cut I made a few marks. Left, you can see the two arrows on the little strip to make sure that I die cut the Phrase cards all in the right direction (as you can see I did the same with the die with a permanent marker after I did a mistake). I also wrote Back on the left panel to make sure I did not die cut it.

Because this die has a lot of detail and you have to die cut it for the box laid horizontally every time I die cut it I turned it over to make sure all the words are die cut. I secure the die each time with low tack tape to make sure the die is in the correct position all the time, even if I had to run it through the machine a second time.

Once finished die cutting it should look like this.

I used the same die to die cut a shiny mirri gold card to add more reflection to the light and attached it to the back panel.

I also die cut three vellum cards to attach from the inside so that the light would be more diffused.

To assemble the box I trimmed the tabs to make the folds better, as well as the bottom to become thinner so that I could place the battery operated tea light. I glue the little 5th panel o the back using wet adhesive for a strong hold.

I then glue the tabs together and place a square card to make it look prettier.

And here it is, lighted and with the lights of the room on.

You can do this one in so many diferent ways, I hope you give it a try.

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  1. Paula it's an awesome Christmas Box....xx Merry Christmas & a prosporus New Year......xx❄️⛄️