Monday, 15 December 2014

Mini Hexagon Stockings

I'm sticking with hexagons at the moment and have been making some mini quilted hexy stockings (hang-on-the-tree size) to give to my sons' teachers for Christmas.

I've never made presents for teachers before and so wanted to start off with something small but personalise it for each recipient.

Out came the Big Shot and the Hexagons, 1in Sides #2 die to turn this pile of Christmas fabric scraps into a neat stack of hexagons.

The Hexagons, 3/4in Sides was used to cut all of the papers to use with them.

I English paper pieced the front of the stocking, joining the hexagons together until they formed a piece big enough to cover the template I'd drawn out (I did cheat a bit and adjusted the template here and there if the hexagons didn't quite reach by a fraction).

I drew around the template with a water erasable pen, cut it out and then, because I'd just cut through some of the seams, machine-sewed around the edge to hold them together. With some scrap lining and a thin piece of batting I quilted the front with a simple diamond pattern.

The template was used (in reverse) to draw out and cut the back of the stocking from a neutral fabric. Before pinning and sewing it to the front, I wrote Aidan's teacher's name on it in water erasable pen and embroidered over the top in red before sponging away the remaining visible ink.

The front and back of the stocking were sewn together leaving the top open. The lining was made in the same way but the bottom of the foot part left open as well, to allow the stocking to be turned out the right way at the end.

I basted a ribbon hanging loop to the top back of the stocking outer and then stitched the lining to the outer around the top, reversing over the section that held the loop before continuing on to make sure it was well secured.
Then all that was left was to turn it the right way out and close the opening in the bottom of the lining. I say all that was left but I do still need to buy the bits and bobs to go inside...and make 2 more. One down though.

Hope your Christmas makes are going well!

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