Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas present

Is it really only 2 weeks until Christmas? yes it is and I haven't really started my Christmas shopping, or written a single Christmas card yet. At this point I have the choice to panic!! or roll up my sleeves and get started. Seeing as the first option will take me to next week with nothing done my sleeves are being rolled up and the fun begins - but first I have to help my colleague Kayleigh with a cushion for her niece for Christmas.
To begin we cut the fabric for the cushion front - 45cms by 35cms from Little Red Riding Hood fabric. For the back we cut - one piece of red and white spot, and one of plain red - both measuring 45cms x 30cms.
We ironed fusible web onto one side of the plain red fabric before cutting out the letters, once cut Kayleigh positioned the letters onto the cushion front and ironed them in place - now because Kayleigh hasn't done any sewing I stitched around the letters for her.
We cut 4 circles of plain red using the 2" circle on die 659845, to use to cover 4 buttons for the back fastening.
A double 5cms fold was pressed along one long side of each of the fabrics for the back of the cushion. Using the red spot piece we marked the position for the 4 buttonholes -
Once the buttonholes were stitched, through the double fold of fabric, the buttons were sewn onto the double fold of the red fabric, to match the buttonholes (the fabrics overlap by 5cms).
The cushion back and front were pinned right sides together and Kayleigh, carefully machine stitched around all 4 sides, and then turned the cover the right side out.
Here is the cushion - and Kayleigh's smile just shows her sense of achievement ( next year she might attempt a small quilt!)

A good evenings work!
Now this only took a couple of hours for Kayleigh to make - and if you are confident sewing then it could be made in about an hour - so their really is still time to make that special gift.
Now where is my pile of Christmas cards to write?

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