Thursday, 20 June 2013

Come rain come shine - beach huts

I went away for a few days, with my husband and we were fortunate to have glorious sunshine for the whole 4 days. We explored some lovely beaches and cliffs on the west coast of Wales ( you may have guessed Wales is becoming a favourite short break location for me) but it did make me think that a beach hut would be very useful if the weather was a bit less sunny!
As I'm not really a dab hand at woodwork, I decided to make a cushion cover with beach huts on it, rather than the real thing!!



It was really quick to make with the Big Shot Machine and a few dies.
I used a piece of lined for the cushion cover - 16" x 42"
The other fabrics needed are - white for the beach huts - 10" x 9", red for the rooves - 8" x7" and blue for the doors -5" x 6". 5 buttons and matching threads completed my list and I had them all, just lying around!
I cut the beach huts using Bigz die 658113, and 657166 , joined the pieces together.
For the rooves I used Bigz Die 657621 - I cut 2 triangles and then placed them  on the die again - moving them up by 3/4" to make the shape.
Finally I cut the doors using die 657605
I folded and pressed the cover fabric 17" from one end for the front. I stitched a narrow hem along the edge.
I positioned the beach huts along the fold and stitched all the pieces in place, adding 2 buttons to the doors.
I double folded 4" at the other end of the fabric and made 3 buttonholes evenly across the width.
I folded the fabric, right sides together, with finished ends overlapping, and stitched the side seams with a 1/2" seam.
Turning the cover the right way out all that remained was to stitch 3 buttons in place and insert a cushion pad.
Today it's raining again - but at least the beach huts make me smile!
I like the idea of making a set of cushions with all the beach huts different colours - but maybe with the weather this summer it would be better to make a draught excluder!!
Whatever the weather have some fun sewing.

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