Thursday, 6 June 2013

The end of one and the start of another

I don't know how many of you know that computers and I aren't the best of friends - we do speak to each other now - but I am still learning their language!! So for some reason I thought I'd print the label for my quilt onto fabric - did it work - yes it did - it's functional - not pretty or creative but I'm pleased with it as a first step

It will also be very useful for my colleagues at work when they want to know what dies I've used.
I hope to be more creative next time - and maybe even create my own logo! - you'll just have to wait and see what turns up.
So that was the end of one and now to the start of another - look at these beautiful fabrics -

they are the Eden range by Nel Whatmore ( Free Spirit fabrics ) and I am working with them on a project for workshops at the Festival of Quilts.( I know the festival isn't until August - but that isn't too many weeks away, and now I've said that I'll go away and count the number as soon as I finish this blog - oh no I've just counted and it's 9 weeks - so no time to loose!)
I love the colours and the different size of patterns - and am having fun playing with different combinations.
I'm really looking forward to deciding which fabrics to choose and my big Shot and Bigz Dies are just within reach for me to start cutting when I've decided.
You'll have to come and see me at the Festival of Quilts to find out what I decided.
Until next week - enjoy the warmer weather and have fun whatever you're sewing.

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