Monday, 10 June 2013

the never ending usefulness of hexagons

Firstly - a huge thank you to everyone for your fantastic comments and suggestions for storage on my post last week. I've got a list of things to go and check out in Ikea this week and at the weekend I've got more shelves going up. It'll still be a while until I'm fully moved in, but I've got some great ideas - thanks to you guys on how to keep it all organised. I knew I could rely on you!

Amy suggested I label everything so I can find things easily, which is something I could make a start on this week.

I use jars and buckets and pots to hold things in where I work right now (the dining room and kitchen), and although I know what should go in which pot I'm not very good at keeping it that way and things get mixed up (which means I spend an hour looking for something because it's in the wrong pot).

Using the 1.25" hexagon die (of course - that's my favourite!) I cut some labels from a sticky backed chalkboard vinyl and I'm sticking them on everything (I got the chalkboard vinyl from ebay, but you could find it in any craft store I think).

making labels

I've written what should be in the pot using a chalkboard marker instead of chalk, because they do work better and don't rub off as easily (but are easily removed with a damp cloth). One A4 sized sheet cut 8 labels, with a couple of smaller bits leftover, that I'll be able to get 2 more hexagons out of. The vinyl cost me a couple of pounds, so I've got 10 labels for about £2, which I can use again and again by wiping off the marker and writing something else on if I want to.
It was also really enjoyable cutting something other than fabric with my Big Shot - but it has made me want to stick hexagon labels EVERYWHERE!!!



  1. Very clever! I have been using repositionable paper labels but they get knocked off or I change my mind about what goes in to a container.

  2. I was looking at this stuff the other day for something else, what a great idea, and way better than the sticky labels i have on my boxes- good thinking batwoman!

  3. Love this idea as I make a terrific mess when I sew. Buckets would b e so good because I just want to get on with it and nog tidy up constantly.