Thursday, 27 June 2013

Master Chef in training

Well the title might be a bit ambitious but - I love baking with my grandchildren - although it is often quite a messy process - so I decided to make an apron

As you can see the apron was for her, not me!

I used a commercial pattern and cut 2 layers of just the front of the dress, a double layer of fabric would be more protection for her, and meant that I didn't need to stitch narrow hems.
I used one of my favourite Bigz dies for decoration - 657694 the owl, and for simplicity I only used 3 fabrics - one for the body and hearts, one for the beak, feet and wings and white for the eyes.
I applied fusible web to the back of the fabrics before cutting the shapes.
Then it was so quick to position all the pieces and stitch in place.
I pinned ribbons at the shoulder and armhole edges before pinning the 2 apron pieces right sides together. I used a 1/4" seam, with half of the lower edge left open for turning the right side out.
I then pressed and top stitched all the way round, and added a few buttons for fun.
The whole project only took a couple of hours and here if the finished apron  about to be used.

It's a good job I used cotton fabric because I think this will be in the wash quite a lot!
Now I just have to make another one for her big sister, and then maybe for my grandsons -maybe not such a quick make!
But it's made us all smile - and I'll soon be taking some delicious chocolate fork biscuits out of the oven.
That's what I call a good afternoon's work.

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