Thursday, 18 June 2015

Father's day - super hero, superstar

As promised another blog for Father's day - and it's quick as well, glasses case and a phone cover -
All you need is a tie or too - now I raided my husbands ties - but I did ask - take a hint that if you use his best tie he isn't really going to like what you've made with it.
If you love him dearly but he embarrasses you so much - then make sure that the tie you choose, from his wardrobe, charity shop or store, is really outlandish and choose crazy colours for the lettering!
One word - the tie does need to be quite wide because we are going it make a glasses case, or a phone cover.
I used the Bigz™ XL Alphabet Die - Word Play by Tim Holtz® -657837
or you can use the BigShot™ 660200
For alternative items I also used Bigz™ Die Stars 656339
and Bigz™ Die Heartfelt by Tim Holtz -660233
You will also need a small amount of fusible web (Heat and Bond, Bondaweb or similar) and a similar small amount of fabric for the letters.
Fuse the web to the wrong side of the fabric for the lettering and cut out the letters that you need - for the first glasses case I'm using  1 each of s u p h o, and 2 each of e and r.
For the glasses case - I measured the glasses 15cm and added a couple of cm for ease and then doubled it - so I cut the tie to 40cm long. 
As I am going to stitch letters onto the right side I undid the stitching on the back of the tie, and opened it out flat. (Now I forgot to take a photo with the tie open so we are looking at my next tie)
Arrange the letters within the length you need for the glasses and then fuse them in place and stitch them -

The back of the tie is re-stitched and the narrow hem is turned in and stitched -
Next fold the tie so that the 'case' is the right length, and pin the layers together -
 and stitch the layers together.
Add a button and a ribbon loop to complete the case -

this one is because everyone knows that if you take off, or put on your glasses you can become a superhero!!
Which then led me to think of a super star -
and then I thought of a cover for a phone  - the tie needs to be cut to about 30cm for this and because it is smaller the word had to be shorter - so -
Hope you like these and are tempted to make one or two, and maybe keep one yourself!
Have fun, enjoy the weekend.

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