Monday, 29 June 2015

Star Quilt: Part 4

Dies used: Half-Square Triangles, 4 1/2in Finished Square
                Square, 4in Finished (4 1/2in Unfinished)
                Star, Nested

There are 2 lessons that I really should have learnt from making my last quilt:

1. Multiply the amount of time expected to complete the quilting by 4

2. Buy 1 more reel of thread than required

Oh and maybe a third lesson should be added on:

3. Never say 'X should be finished in time for my next post'.

Sure enough the quilting has taken an enormous amount of time, largely because it's so dense to make sure the die-cut applique stars are well secured (I love those little stars so much alongside the big, pieced ones). I'm in complete awe of people who can quilt a substantial item in a day or so.

And of course my thread ran out within a whisker of the end, again. Ho hum.

Before basting and quilting a border was added all around the edge to increase the overall size to just larger than that of a single duvet so that when on the bed there won't be any duvet sticking out from underneath. The backing fabric is from Ikea, it was half price in the sale and although it is a heavier weight than is ideal, the larger apple print was too good to resist.

This quilt is for my son, Aidan he turned 8 last week and his birthday made a natural target deadline. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to meet that deadline but as things worked out his birthday became a bit of a non-event as he became ill with a throat infection the day before. As a result his trip to Legoland had to be cancelled and replaced with 2 visits to the doctor and he didn't manage a single mouthful of his own birthday cake. A re-run of his birthday once he's fully recovered is set to take place. In the meantime he can snuggle next to me under this quilt and watch films as I hand sew the binding down.

See you next time when this quilt should, lesson 3, I won't say it.

Happy sewing!

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