Monday, 8 June 2015

Star Quilt: Part 2

Dies used: Half-Square Triangles, 4 1/2in Finished Square
                 Square, 4in Finished (4 1/2in Unfinished)

Hello and happy Monday!

Sewing has been happening in fits and starts over the last week as my youngest (and most energetic) son has had an extra weeks holiday from pre-school and so superhero games have been top of the agenda instead.

Out of 15 blocks, 10 almost 11 are now done and decorating the wall above my sewing machine (along with the Counting Sheep blankie from the current issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting).

All of the fabric is cut out and ready go for the remaining blocks but just as things were speeding along the thread ran out. Typical.

It's starting to take shape though and so far thankfully it meets with my eldest son, Aidan's approval. Phew!

That said, there is a small issue with it though that will hopefully be ironed out over the course of the coming week and I'll post about it next time.

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