Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Foxy Lady!

I am a big fan of the late, great Jimi Hendrix and I am particularly fond of the song Foxy Lady which I once played in a band 'back in the day!'

The song was used to good effect in the movie Wayne's World in a scene which never fails to make my wife and I laugh. With that in mind I thought I'd create a card in her honour.

I have made a few animal cards using the hearts dies alone and I couldn't come up with a convincing fox until I turned my attention to my beloved Framelits Circle dies. My circles are made up from two sets as well as a couple from the Big Shot starter kit so I've got about 14 different sizes to choose from, don't worry, you won't need that many today!

I'm using a rusty orange bazzill card and some plain ivory/cream card to make my fox and to make it a little easier for the instructions I will refer to the circles dies in sizes from 1 to 10. One being the smallest and ten the largest just to give you a better idea

I drew two lines perpendicular to one another on a square of the orange card and placed a circle die (4) as shown before cutting. This will be reversed and used as the foxes face.

 Next, I used a larger circle die (8) and cut away each side of the foxes face as indicated by the white dashed lines below.
Once the orange face was trimmed to size I used the same (4) circle die to cut an ivory circle and attached the face over the top.

To Make the ears I die-cut an orange (7) and ivory (4) circle before placing the same dies back onto the die-cuts thereby cutting two leaf shapes which I matted together before cutting in half using my scissors. Keep the rest of the orange circle as you can use it for the body later.

At this point I thought it best to reach for one of my scalloped Framelits (2) and I die-cut a scalloped circle from ivory card before attaching it to a square of Orange card. I placed my Circle die (4) onto the card as shown and die-cut the circle. Next, I placed the same die onto the circle and cut as shown to create the tail. Now I have all my bits I can start putting them together. I attached the ears behind the head before adding three black adhesive pearls to the face for the eyes and nose.

And here she is! I added a rectangle of patterned paper at the back and created the text using a trusty old Dymo. In truth there are several ways of composing the body/head/tail combo, I just like the graphic simplicity of this one 


  1. Such a lovely card, Pete and the fox is super-cute! I'm thinking that the head alone, made out of felt or fabric would make a great coin purse :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks Wendy, what a good idea, I would love to see anything that you come up with!