Monday, 1 June 2015

Star Quilt: Part 1

Dies used: Half-Square Triangles, 4 1/2in Finished Square
                  Square, 4in Finished (4 1/2in Unfinished)

Hello again!

I've been promising to make my eldest son, Aidan a quilt for his bed for months and so a couple of weeks ago finally got around to ordering some fabric for it. He gave me clear instructions on the sort of fabric he wanted: travel and transport, strictly no animals or dinosaurs and mostly blue. It's always good to have a client with a clear brief!

The quilt design we chose is nice and simple using just 2 dies in total, with each block featuring an 8 pointed star. The simple arrangement helps to show off the printed fabrics that feature in the centre of each star.

Each block uses:

4 squares, feature print
8 half-square triangles, for points of star
8 half-square triangles, low volume for background
4 squares, low volume for background

Sewing all of the half-square triangles together and then joining the squares together to form rows before joining everything up was the most convenient method for me.

I just chopped enough fabric on my Big Shot Plus to make a block at a time, as cutting with a Big Shot is so quick and convenient it never feels like pausing to cut some more fabric interrupts the sewing rhythm at all.

Two blocks are done so far with a third nearly completed and I have checked with my client that they meet his specifications.

Aidan is trying to get me to commit to a finish date already and so with him cracking the whip there should be plenty of progress to see in next weeks post!

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