Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas List - conquering the cards

Hi everyone, Christmas is coming, the nights are getting cold, oh my, I need to get a wiggle on!   Anyone that knows me well, knows I am the queen of last minute!  No, really!  So Christmas is a big challenge for me, so this year, I am planning on making some cards and gifts to help alleviate some of my self imposed guilt for never getting my Christmas card list done, let alone cards sent.

I was smitten with the 'Noel' die, as soon as set eyes on it!  I saw cards straight away! But something a little different, more personal and intimate if you like.

So I gathered up my supplies,

Charm Pack (Aspen Frost by Basic Grey for Moda)
Double sided fusible
6" card blanks
Glue stick
Gold thread (optional)
Gold pen (optional)

I divided my charm pack into two piles, backgrounds and tops
If you don't have a charm pack, delve into your stash and  cut yourself some 5" squares.

I fused the pile of tops, I used Heat and Bond Feather Lite, 

Layered them up in 3's fabric side down onto the die, ensuring all of the word was covered. 

and hey presto, I got all my 'Noel's' cut in a jiffy

peel off the papers and fuse in place on a background square, with a hot iron following the manufacturers instructions.  
(be sure to check as not all fusible's have the same heat tolerances)

I used this pretty gold variegated thread from Superior and stitched around the outside and inside edges of my Noels 
I managed to get it done in one go, no stopping from start to finish, which is always a bonus!

using a glue stick, generously glue the back of the fabric, center the square onto the card and firm down

to finish off, a few little lines around the square to imitate stitch lines

and now I have a pretty little stack of handmade cards ready for posting

If only I could get my list sorted in time!
(I might sneak in a few cheeky Coasters too!) 

Until next time - Have fun!