Thursday, 6 November 2014

Layer cake quicky

Where has this week gone? Well I was in Dublin at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the weekend - so I think that has made the time seem to disappear. I was demonstrating the Big Shot and Bigz dies for Abakhan , and teaching a workshop using the Butterfly die - to decorate a needle case.
So now I'm back and trying to complete the Downton Abbey quilt - my idea of completing it with a plain background just doesn't work - so I am going to have to piece together some more 'whirligigs' to make a small lap quilt - but as I've only made that decision today I can't show you the results this week - but I can let you know that you can cut 28 half hexagons from a fat quarter, with die - but you have to lay the fabric all the same way - R.S or W.S up - and do not fan fold
Each fat quarter will make 4 complete 'whirligigs'.
So far I have used 288 half hexagons and my top measures approx. 52" at the widest point and 42" at the narrowest - just to give you an idea of size.
Sooooo - Downton is delayed again - and it could be a couple of weeks before I can finish it - but in the meantime I have something else to show you -
Do you remember this from a couple of weeks ago?
I said I would let you know  how big a quilt top I could make out of this Layer cake pack of fabrics.
Now I'm pleased to be able to give you the answer and show the started top -
Using this die I can make a top approx. 40"/1m square. Obviously if you use a smaller die the size you can make will be reduced.
What can  you look forward to next week - well it won't be Downton or this small quilt - but it will be a quick make for Christmas.
In the meantime enjoy your sewing.

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