Monday, 19 January 2015


It's my youngest sons' 4th birthday next month and so plans are being made for his party at the moment, which of course include a few crafty touches.

It was a certainty that the Lollipop Shadow Numbers die would see some use, it was just a case of deciding what to do with all of the number 4's I was planning on cutting. For a change I decided that instead of using my Big Shot to cut fabric I'd have a go with paper and card instead.

First up was some quick and easy card and paper bunting, with square flags cut using the Square, 4in Finished (4 1/2in Unfinished) die. From some thin multicoloured paper I cut a stack of spots using the Circles, 3/4in die and some 4's with the Lollipop Shadow Numbers die. I used a glue-stick to stick the 4 in the centre and then the spots around it for some extra colour and detail.

Once all of the square flags were decorated, using some upholstery thread to make the bunting a little stronger, I chain pieced them together (in a similar way to the circle garlands from a couple of months ago) using a wider than usual stitch length.

So simple but effective. The boys really like it and want to get going with a glue-stick and help me decorate more flags later this week.

As I thought about hanging the bunting behind the party table I suddenly remembered the pack of leftover paper cups that were tucked away in a kitchen cupboard that would be perfect to decorate in the same way.

Easy peasy!

I will need to buy another couple of packs of paper cups now though to have enough for all of the party guests. There will be no chance to forget how old he is!

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