Saturday, 31 January 2015

Valentine Garland

Here is a quick and easy decoration for Valentine's Day!

The die I used is the Garland from the Vintage Kitchen collection.

I have fond memories of cutting strips of paper and gluing them together as a child making paper chains to decorate our Christmas tree. But with this die is there is no need to cut or glue! Each strip has interlocking slots at each end and all you have to do is join them together!  Keep adding links until the chain is as long as you'd like. This is a great activity for kids to do too.

Make a chain to decorate for parties, special occasions, and seasonal decor. Hang flowers, letters or photos from it to personalize. There are so many ways to use this die.

It also fits around your wrist so you can cut it from leather or fabric to make bracelets! There are three different designs on the die. Each link can also be used as a bracelet and the negative space has lots of uses too (see here).

To assemble a chain, hold a strip with your thumbs over slots on either end and raise one hand above the other. Press one slot under and one slot up so one slot is depressed and one is raised. Now curl the strip so the slots meet and connect the strips to make a chain. Repeat. And that’s it!

If you want to keep this as a permanent garland, you can staples or glue the slots together. If you want to store it flat, just take the links apart and store for the next time to conserve space and prevent the chain from being crushed in storage.

Here are some more Valentine projects to inspire you...

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Here's a Round Robin banner I made with some friends last year... a fun way to create together. 
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Happy Valentine crafting everyone! See you in two weeks...    Eileen

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