Monday, 6 May 2013

building blocks

I've been working on some bits and pieces that are for editorials or web projects that can't be fully shared as yet so I thought I'd share just the sneakiest of peeks of one of them today.

blocks in progress

I'm using some of the basic 'building block' dies such as half square triangles and squares to make these blocks and I'm really enjoying playing around with layouts and sketching out ideas onto paper before I do the piecing.

One of my favourite dies are the half square triangles - they make cutting and piecing accurate half square triangle units such a breeze. There's no need for marking with pencil lines or trimming down to size. Half square triangles are such a useful unit in patchwork, but the cutting, marking and trimming can be very tedious. Not with these dies it isn't!

What do you find tedious in patchwork, but love the finished look of? 

1 comment:

  1. Basting is my bete noir! It doesn't look pretty in itself but it does make it easier to do pretty quilting!