Thursday, 23 May 2013

Quilted and almost ready to go.

As I said last blog I was at Malvern for the Quilts UK show last week. I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful sunny weather we had for most of the show. The showground is set amongst stunning surroundings and it was delightful to take a few minutes enjoying the scenery during lunch breaks.
I met a lot of lovely people at the show, including some old friends and previous customers, and had great fun showing off what can be done with the Big Shot and dies - I always enjoy watching peoples expressions when they see how easy the machine is to use and how clean cut the shapes are.
Obviously there were also a lot of beautiful quilts on display and lots of goodies to be tempted to purchase. I managed very well, not to buy lots of things, until the last day and then I bought a sewing machine for my grandchildren to learn to sew on - I haven't unpacked it yet, but it has touch button sewing and a variable speed control, which means that they won't need to learn to control the foot pedal as well as where the needle is stitching - I'll let you know how the sewing sessions go.
So I thought I might have been able to finish the quilt by this week - but as the title indicates I didn't manage to get that far! (I always think I can accomplish at least 50% more than I really have time for!!)
However I have managed to quilt it - albeit in the ditch , as my free machine quilting needs some practice because I haven't done any for a while.
Here it is - quilted with the sashing cross hatch quilted at the intersections - I think the cross hatching on the sashing is just about visible.
Next week will be the binding - which I prefer to do double as it gives a lovely edge to stitch at the back. Also I will show you a couple of things I did at the quilt show, and some ideas that I'm developing.
The sun is out - I'm off to enjoy it while it's here - have a lovely week.

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