Thursday, 2 May 2013

The final two.

It's the end! - well only of making the blocks for our quilt.
I'm often asked which is my favourite die and I usually answer that it's the one that I'm working with at the moment, but having used the 2 1/2" half square die again this morning I have to admit that I always enjoy removing the triangles from the die and seeing them so perfectly cut.
The first block I am making today is a variation on Churn Dash, using 4 fabrics instead of the usual 2.

Using die 657609 and the darkest fabric and the Big Shot to cut the one square.
Die 657605 is used to cut 4 rectangles from a medium fabric, and then use die 657611 to cut 4 squares from each of a medium dark and light fabric.
Join the medium dark triangles to the light triangles, and join these to opposite ends of 2 rectangles, see picture below.
Join 2 rectangles to opposite sides of the square.
Join the 3 pieces together to complete the block.

For the second block I used 3 fabrics to make a variation on a pin wheel block.

 Use die 657607 and dark fabric to cut 4 squares.
With medium fabric and die 657611 cut 8 triangles, and with die 657613 and light fabric cut 4 triangles.
Join the triangles to adjacent sides of the square, to create a triangle.
Join these pieced triangles to the light triangles.
To complete the block join the 4 squares together.

So that completes the 20 blocks for the quilt.
Next week I will be cutting and attaching the sashing.
The Bank Holiday on Monday is supposed to be fine - which would be lovely - but whatever the weather I hope you all enjoy the weekend.
Until next week, have fun.

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