Friday 8 June 2012

Jubilee Week

This past weekend was a big celebration here in London. We had a street party, beacons and more. And even though I am Spanish I was happy to celebrate the Queen.

As my mum was visiting, we decided to go even to London on Sunday to see the Thames Pageant. we arrived a bit late so we did not see much in real life even though we were really close to Chelsea Pier (where the royals embarked) but the large screen was rather good alternative.

The street party was a big success, loads of people came.

The food was mostly handmade! And very patriotic!

My mum made two paellas and a spanish omelette which were consumed rather quickly.

And the end to a beautiful day (the weather was on and off) we went to our nearest Beacon, to see fireworks and the lighting of the Beacon. It was beautiful and even emotional!

Now I need to scrapbook it all!

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