Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer's still not here, but the cushion cover is.

I have just had a lovely week sorting my sewing room (it's almost done and next week I will be working in it) - the question is why has it taken me so long? I keep getting distracted by pieces of fabric and I just have to stop and think about how I'm going to ,use it , or sometimes why did I buy that?  So distractions aside I will have it sorted and I will take a photo for my next blog just to prove it.
I have also done some sewing and have lots more ideas for new projects but before I get sidetracked I will continue with the cushion cover that we started last week.

Join together the pieced blue and white squares to the plain squares as shown in the picture below, so that you have a pair.
Join the 4 patch squares to the pieced blue and white squares as pictured below, but please note that 2 sets are the same but  the top one is different - this is correct.

Press all the seams and then next week I will put the pieces together to complete the cushion front.
Have a great weekend.

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