Monday, 25 June 2012

Wedding: Books for the Church

Hi everyone!
How are you? It's very hot here and I am super busy with my friend's wedding :)
Today I want to show you another lovely thing! We have finally finished  120 favors ... My GoD! And now we are making 45 books for the Church :)

Here the idea:

It's very simple but so elegant don't you find?

Materials you need:

How to make it:
  1. Cut a stripe of white card stock of 30,5 cm by 22 cm and fold it in half
  2. sew in the center of the book
  3. Add a scalloped stripe of turquoise paper on the right side of the front cover
  4. Add the decorative strip border cutting it on a stripe of turquoise paper of 5cm by 22 cm
  5. add stamps and organza
It's very simple, easy and quick to do when you a have a lot of them to do!!!LOL

Have a lovely monday and I'll show you other sweet things made for this wedding:)

Love, Lory

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