Thursday, 13 September 2012

Christmas bunting

Hello, this  morning I found the central heating had switched on automatically and there was a definite chill in the air. So even though the sun is shining I have actually started Christmas preparations!
I  found a charm pack of Christmas fabrics and thought they would be ideal for bunting - as there was such a good mix of colours and patterns in the pack. I cut them using my Big Shot and die 657622 - which is an equilateral triangle,( I avoided putting the fabric over the other triangle on the die ). I then repeated the process using  Calico - because I like to make double sided bunting as I think it lasts longer.
With the scraps from the squares I decided to cut stars to decorate the calico triangles to make the bunting even more festive. I ironed fusible web onto these small pieces of fabric and then cut small star shapes using die 656339.

So all the cutting is done and I'm ready to go.
I fused the stars onto the calico triangles and stitched them in place using a small straight stitch.

I then stitched calico triangles to patterned triangle ( R.S. together)  leaving the top edge open.
turn the triangle right side out and then press. Repeat this with as many triangles as you want to make.
When all are pressed  stitch them to tape or ribbon, spacing as desired, but at this point I realised that I have choices - and I'm not sure which to make so here are the photos -

So as I can't make up my mind which way to sew them I'm going to go away and think about it - maybe I'll decide in the morning!

You could make sets for your  hall, children's bedrooms or even hang them on your Christmas tree.
As for me I think I'm going to stitch this selection and  make lots for my grandchildren to have in their bedrooms - so here goes - enjoy.

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