Monday, 17 September 2012

Everyday: Banner Birthday Calendar

Another project featuring the Everyday Banners, this set really inspires me. There is so much you can do with it. The idea behind it started because I ALWAYS forget birthdays never mind making and postung birthday cards in time.
Because of that, I wanted to have a photo display in which each page was a photo of a member of my family or a friend with the date of their birthday. because I place them by date, every time the birthday has passed I change the photo over. Here is how:

To create the pages die cut patterned papers using the largest die.

Using the computer, I wrote all the dates of my close family. I just made sure it fit inside of the smallest banner die.

They look so cute once die cut.

 Then, I die cut the photos using the third largest die. I just made sure that there was empty space on the right hand side of the photo to place the date banner there.

Layered the elements (all banners), glue them together and make two holes at the top.

I use a small acrylic sign holder, I just added paper inside and drill two holes with a drill.
hopefully with this little calendar and photo frame I will be a bit more organised.

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