Thursday, 9 January 2014

3D Hexagon pom-poms

I know its January but I'm still thinking about Christmas!
I have been working on a display for some exhibitions and needed to create something 3D with hexagons - now they are the wrong shape to make a ball - but I came up with this idea -

they are quite simple to  make - just take a bit of time.

I used the Big Shot and 2 different sizes of hexagon die 1" ( the larger hexagon will be available in May)

I fused 2 fabrics together with a fusible web and then cut out 6 hexagons for each 'pom-pom'
I think stitched the raw edges with a small zig-zag stitch using matching thread.
Lay 6 hexagons on top of each other, place a narrow ribbon in the middle, and stitch down the centre, as shown in the photo.
Next step is to stitch the middle points together in pairs and then stitch the top and bottom points together  - see the photo for guidance.
There is one complete 'pom-pom'
Here is a collection - I really like these and plan to make more as gifts for  next Christmas - for friends who have young children in the house - easy unbreakable decorations. I may make a couple from 'scraps' left from the projects I make this year.
Hope you like this variation for using hexagons.
Now I'm going to plan some projects for the next few weeks.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this innovative project. Projects that I can use my fabric scraps are just what I need. These are going on my list of projects I want to make. Fantastic idea!
    Jacquelene L