Monday, 6 January 2014

still hexing along

Today it's the first day back to school for my kids, and I'll be the first to admit it was tricky dragging any of us out of bed to get ready! The Christmas break seemed to fly by and school came round far to quickly.
But on the plus side, back to school means back to work and I'm looking forward to getting a few things finished.
over Christmas I did a bit more work on my hexagons quilt, which I'm now considering making into some large cushions instead. I'm going to fill out the edges of this piece and square it up and make a really large floor cushion, because I spend a far amount of time sitting on the floor and it's a little uncomfortable!

I used the 1" and 1.25" hexagon dies to cut papers and fabrics for this small cushion project that I'm just finishing up as well. All of the fabrics came from my scraps, including the wadding and the backing. I find it so satisfying to make something entirely from scraps, and I'm hoping to make more scrappy quilts this year because of that sense of satisfaction.

I had to show you the reverse of my hexagons, don't you just love how tidy they look? That's all because of the hexagon dies cutting nice and precisely and absolutely nothing to do with my sewing!

Hopefully next week I'll be able to show you a more finished hexagon piece, if I get the big shot into action and cut some more fabrics!!!

Have a great week, and if you have children back to school this week, or if you're returning to work after a Christmas break then good luck! I'll be thinking of you!


  1. Loving your work missus... I must cut more hexies!

  2. I haven't ever done a hexie project but this is the year! That and dresdens :-) Ta muchly for your continued inspiration