Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Victoria's Secret!

The Victoria in the title was named by our very own Becky Wiseman (who is a pretty handy crafter herself!) I used this bust for an exhibition a couple of years ago and I've been looking for an excuse to use it again.

Last year at our trade show in Birmingham I bumped into Brit Wellens, an old friend who is now the UK distributor for Powertex which, amongst other things, manufacture fabric hardener for the craft industry to create beautiful statues and other such mini masterpieces( click on the link to see all the cool ideas!). She very kindly showed me around her stand and I was immediately smitten with the products and their potential.

When I was trying to come up with a design concept for the Tim Holtz display areas at our winter trade shows there was a metaphorical alignment of the stars and I found my excuse to use Victoria, Powertex and Tim's dies together.

The dies used are the Bigz XL Jumbo Tattered Florals which is already proving very popular on both sides of the Atlantic and the Bigz Die - Garden Greens also By Tim Holtz. I started by painting the bust before soaking the Stockinette fabric using the Terracotta Powertex for both steps. After draping the fabric I left it to dry until it was rock solid. Next I attached the various flowers and leaves die cut from stiff kraft card which had also been painted with Powertex. To find out more about creating the 3D flowers check out my last two 'New Blooms' blog posts.

Finally, I dry brushed the whole creation using acrylic paint and Hey Presto!!

It is on it's way to Frankfurt as we speak, I will be away for a week doing my demonstration thing! see you all when I return, so until then auf wiedersehen!


  1. Thanks Amante, I Wasn't sure if this idea would work, I'm just so glad that it did!