Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sampler beginnings

Hello again, hope you've enjoyed the week. I was fortunate to be at the Stitches Trade Event at the NEC at the weekend, I am so excited about the new fabrics that will be coming into a shop near you later this year! There are delightful retro prints, vibrant geometric in bold colours and delicious muted prints. I think the fabrics available keep getting better year on year and I look forward to m in this using some of them in this blog as the year goes by.

Now to the beginning of our sampler quilt.
Over the weeks some blocks will need a background fabric to be sewn onto - so choose a variety of fabrics, usually lighter ones, for the backing - you will need 8 1/2" squares for this.

Today I am going to start with the Dresden Plate.
For this you will need 2 fabrics - one for the front of the plate and one quite fine for the backing.
Both pieces need to be about 18" x 6".
You will also need a small piece for the centre.
Using the Big Shot machine and die 657165, I cut 12 'petals' from each fabric.

Match one piece of backing, right sides together with a front petal.
Pin at the notches - as shown below -

and stitch a 1/4" seam around the curved edge -

snip the seam allowance, as shown below, to remove excess fabric.

Turn the petals right side out and press the curved edge.

With Right sides together pin 2 of the 'petals' together -

and stitch  a 1/4" seam, back stitching at the end.
Press the seam flat open. Join all 12 'petals' together in the same way to create a plate, and press.

 To cut a 1 1/4" circle I used die 658314, placing a small piece of yellow fabric over one of the circles on the die, and rolling it through the Big Shot.
By hand I stitched a 1/4" seam around the circle and then pined it to the centre of the plate and slip stitched it in place. Pin the plate onto a background square -

and slip stitch in place. 
So 1 block done - several more to go!
Enjoy your week.


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