Monday, 19 October 2015

Lone Star Mini Quilt: Part 2

Dies used: Diamonds, 2 1/2in (2 3/4in x 6 1/2in Unfinished)
                 Half-Square Triangles, 2 1/2in Finished Square

Hello again!

The Lone Star mini quilt I've been making with diamonds and half-square triangles is progressing nicely. Picking up from last time, the next stage was to make 8 large half-square triangles with each star point and 3 background sections and then to join them in pairs to give 4 squares.

And then the squares were sewn together to give one large square mini quilt top.

Then it was time to start quilting. I drew out a geometric design on the lone star with water erasable pen and once it was completed I looked at the swirl effect created by the fabric in the centre of the star and decided that instead of the pattern I'd marked out, a spiral would be much better! So the pen lines were blotted out and the centre of a spiral drawn out instead.

To help the star stand out from the background only the star was quilted with the spiral and so once it got to the white background I stopped quilting a continual coil and instead did each of the star points one at a time working from side to side. Each of the background sections were quilted with straight lines to contrast with the curves on the star.

Progress has stalled now as I can't decide on a binding fabric but hopefully a decision will be made and it will be finished and hanging on the wall in time for my next post.

Happy sewing, see you next time!


  1. Wow, your spiral quilting looks phenomenal!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the spiral quoting on the center of the star.