Wednesday, 28 October 2015

On your bike!!!

Another week and another great die collection from Brenda Walton. This week I want to share a beautiful set of dies with you, it's a Thinlits set comprising of 14 different dies known as 'Whimsy and Delight' which should be a great seller on the strength of the name alone. Ms Walton doesn't have to rely on such gimmicks however as you will see in a moment.

Speaking of gimmicks, I have decided to strip away all the fancy techniques and products which I tend to overuse to mask my incompetence! I am just using some simple coloured card and a handful of stamps. All the dies featured on all the cards are in the set of 14.

 First up just a black silhouette, a gold bow, a strip of peachy pink card and an appropriate rubber stamp on a white base card

Same again but I had cut an asymmetric rectangle of the pink card for the gift and added the die-cut heart tag and bow.

 More of the same but this time I have added the die-cut basket, flower and leaves.

After adding the pink strip I placed the die-cut bicycle and balloons roughly where I wanted to stick them before using a pencil to mark their position with a dot and joining up the dots with a fine black marker to give the impression of string.

I was going to leave it at that but it seemed a shame not to show off some of the other decorative dies in the set so I made a series of mini cards to that end. First up.... the butterfly

Followed by the cherries......

the ice cream cone......

the swallow......

And last but not least the heart.

Great set, great designer (Brenda not me!) and great value for money!


  1. this will be my next soon as it will be available ..

  2. All gorgeous cards! I'm going to order this now :)

  3. Thanks Marta, I would happily use this set FOREVER!!!

  4. Thanks Wendy, I'm sure that you will love the set, there are a couple of others I want to feature too!