Thursday, 1 November 2012

Christmas stash buster surprise

Hello again - Happy November
This month seems to be fully booked before it's even started - so I have the beginning of a very easy project for you for christmas - today I'm just going to show you the fabric I'm using and tell you the cutting and first step of putting it together - you're going to have to look again next week to see what we're making!
I don't usually buy lots of Christmas fabrics - because I know with the best will in the world I'm going to have it in the stash for a long time - but I couldn't resist these - and yes I have had them for about 2 years already - so now I am going to start using them!!
These are from the range ' I believe in Santa' by Nancy Halvorsen,( but I don't know if they are still available -but there are so many beautiful christmas fabrics available now you won't have a problem finding something that you like.
For this you will need 30cms each of 7 fabrics.
Using die 656681 -2 1/2" strip and the big shot machine - cut 4 strips from each fabric.
Take one of each of these strips and place to one side for use later.
Join rest of the strips together to make one large square of fabric.
When joining the strips together remember to stitch from alternate ends for each row to prevent the fabrics curving like a banana!!.
Press the seams.
And that is all for this week - join me again next week to see what happens next!!!

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