Saturday, 24 November 2012

Quilting Blog Hop - Day 6

Hello everyone!!!! Finally it's my turn and I was so so excited, I couldn't wait to post my project! Finally is Saturday and I am soo so happy! This Blog hop is a blast and I am so honored and happy to can be part of it! Have you seen all the other amazing projects over here? It's so fun to can hop from a blog to another and to see many fantastic ideas to use:) Don't you find?

Monday 19th November - Angela Southey
Tuesday 20th November - Tacha Bruecher/Fat Quarterly
Wednesday 21st November - Katy Jones
Thursday 22nd November - Hadley Gordon
Friday 23rd November - Lynne Goldsworthy
Saturday 24th November - Lory Bucaria

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Ok let's start, as I said above I am so excited! I am not a professional sewer but I enjoy so much to use fabrics in my projects and to create something so colorful and sweet to fill my scraproom or my home or to donate to one of my lovely friends:) hihi ^__^

Today we will create a lovely christmas pillow:) I adore how much it is soft!!!

Materials you need:

How to make it:

first of all choose the fabric for your pillow, I have chosen the red one with pink dots.
I had some christmas fabrics with trees drawings so I thought to create a sort of puzzle with the hexagons to remake that drawing.

Cut a stripe of 70 x40 cm and fold it in half.

I have Cut many different hexagons from the christmas trees fabric and I have rebuild the same subjects assembling the hexagons like in the  next figure:

Place the hexagons and the embellishments you would like to insert on the pillow front to try how they will look together before to sew them to the background fabric.

Now you have to sew the hexagons on the front of your pillow cover, one at a time. After cut three medium hexagons from the second fabric, I have chosen a green fabric to mix the colors. Sew them as well. Finally handstitch a wood button, sew the felt label "joy" and a piece of ribbon through a christmas bell. everything on the front cover of your pillow.

At the end make a sort of pocket for your pillow, sewing the two sides , the left and the right on the reverse of your fabric.

insert you ikea pillow inside the bag you have just created and sew the top side with a normal stitching point:)

You will donate it or enjoy it for christmas :)
Have you had fun with it? I hope you like it :)

Love, Lory

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  1. I love this pillowcase for Christmas. The use of the hexi die leaving a gap between them is good as your eyes still make up the pattern. My all time favourite die has to be the half triangle die.
    Dawn Mason
    This won't let me put my name up top!