Thursday, 29 November 2012

Deck the Halls

Last May I was lucky enough to spend a week as the guest of Rayher who are based in Laupheim, Germany. I was demonstrating at their open house show where all of their Retailers go to find out about new ranges and pick up a few techniques and tips along the way.

While I was mooching about I saw a mini workshop where people were making the most gorgeous Christmas decorations from pearlised paper. One of the decorations I was particularly enamoured with so I filled it away in the old memory banks for later.

Last week my wife asked for a few ideas for decorating the windows of her office when the idea came back into focus, I hope you like it, it's a great activity for older kids to do as well and it looks really classy, you can just imagine it in the window of a posh department store at this time of year..... anyway I'll stop waffling and let you decide.

Start with six squares of pearlised paper ( I'm going with 13mm square) and I'm using Inspire me papers 160gsm Ivory Pearlised paper which is perfect for this project. Fold it in half along the diagonal and half again. Next, take a pair of sharp scissors and cut from the folded edge straight up the centre, stopping about 5-10mm from the edge.

After making the first cut make two more either side making sure that they are equally spaced, you don't have to measure though it's not that crucial!

Once you have finished cutting unfold the square. Take the two arrows in the centre and fold them back over each other and secure with a staple, the smaller the stapler the better, I use the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher er Stapler which is ideal. Turn the square over and repeat with the next two arrows and repeat a further twice turning the square over each time.

You should end up with something like the first box below, these look great by themselves strung together in a variety of sizes. make a further 5 shapes and pinch them together by the tips before securing in the centre with a staple. Go around the shape with your stapler
joining them together. Finally, we should have a magnificent snowflake.

For the finishing touch, what better than the Sizzlits Decorative Strip Snowflake Rosette by
Tim Holtz. Simply cut from the same paper, decorate with a few adhesive pearls and pop it in the centre.

Quick, easy and above all great to look at. these are great if you make them in a few different sizes and colours too.


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