Monday, 19 November 2012

Quilting Blog Hop - Day 1

Hello! I am so excited to be launching this blog hop - I can't wait to see what the other girls have created, they are all very talented. So join in the fun and enjoy the week!

Monday 19th November - Angela Southey
Tuesday 20th November - Tacha Bruecher/Fat Quarterly
Wednesday 21st November - Katy Jones
Thursday 22nd November - Hadley Gordon
Friday 23rd November - Lynne Goldsworthy
Saturday 24th November - Lory Bucaria

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I fell in love with these fabrics when I first saw them at the Festival of Quilts in August, and was delighted to be able to use them for this Blog Hop. In fact I like these fabrics so much I have made lots of things for the Christmas dining table.
The photo above shows the table runner, place mats, pan holders and apron.

Fabrics required to make the table runner, 4 place mats, 2 pan holders and the apron.
(all fabrics 112cms wide unless otherwise stated)

1.Red and white - 1 metre
2.Jade and white - 1 metre
3.Plain red - 1 metre
4.Plain jade - 1 metre
5.Jade and red leaf - 50cms
Backing fabric - 1.6 metres
Wadding - 1 metre x 230cms wide
Machines used - Big Shot Pro (656250) and Big Shot (655268)
Dies used -  657611Bigz Pro Die - Half-Square Triangles, 6 1/2" Finished Square
                  657638 - Bigz Pro Die - Half-Square Triangles, 6 1/2" Finished Square
                  657632 - Bigz XL 25" Die - Strips, 1" Wide
                  657633 - Bigz XL 25" Die - Strips, 2" Wide
                  658328 - Bigz XL 25" Die - Strips, 2 1/2" Wide

(Press all seams as they are stitched - I pressed the seams towards the plain fabric to reduce bulk when pieces are joined together).
All seams are 1/4".


Place mats
Cut 2 plain red and 2 plain jade squares each 121/2"
Cut 4 pieces of backing fabric, and 4 pieces of wadding, each measuring 14" x 18"
Using die 657633 cut 3 strips each of fabrics 1 and 2 across the width of the fabric.
Using die 657611 cut 12 triangles ( 3 layers of fabric cuts 12 triangles in one go) in fabrics 1,2,3 and 4
Lay out the fabrics 2 and 3 and stitch together as shown above. Make 6 squares in this colour way and then repeat with fabrics 1 and 4.
Join 3 blocks together in a row - alternating the colours.
Join the pinwheel strips to a plain square as shown below. .
( the square is folded in half diagonally to mark the quilting line)

Layer the backing, wadding and pieced top, together and pin.
I quilted corner to corner on the plain fabric and criss-crossed the pin wheels.
Join the jade strips together and press in half along the length, and use the binding to finish the 2 jade place mats.
Join the red strips and then complete the 2 red place mats.

Table runner
Cut backing and wadding - 14" x 64"
Using die 657633 and fabric 2 cut 4 strips.
Using die 657638 and the Big Shot Pro Machine cut the following quantities of half-square triangles from the following fabrics:-
Fabric 1 - patterned red and white, and fabric 4,  plain jade - 8
Fabrics 2, Jade and white, and fabric 3 plain red - 12.
Lay out the pinwheels as for the place mats, and to match the the above photo. Stitch the blocks and then stitch the blocks together.
Layer and bind in the same way as for the place mats.

Pan holders

Cut 6 pieces of wadding 9" square.
Using die 658328 cut 1 strip each of fabrics 1 and 2.
Using die 657633 cut 1 strip each of fabrics  3 and 4,2 and 2 strips of fabric 1.
Using die 657632 cut 1 strips of fabric 5.
Join the strips together in the order shown above, and then cut the band into 4 x 81/2" lengths ( put the remaining piece to one side for the apron)
Layer one joined piece, for the back, with 3 layers of wadding, and a pieced band for the front.
Pin and quilt as desired.
Cut 10" length of the red 2" strip - press the raw edges to the middle and top stitch - cut in half to make 2  x 5" lengths and use to make loops, and then bind.

Using Fabric 5 and backing fabric cut 2 pieces 22" wide by 16" long.
Cut 61/2" square from backing fabric.
Using die 657633 cut 2 strips from fabric 4.
With right sides together sew the front, fabric 5 and the backing together around 3 sides leaving the top open.
Turn out to the right side and press.
Join the 2 strips together and press in half along the length. Press 1/4" seam allowance under along both long edges and one end.

Pin the tie to the apron, matching mid points together, to enclose the top edge.
Top stitch along the whole length of the tie.
To make the pocket - use a 61/2" pieced band ( as used for the pan holders).Stitch the pieced square together with the backing fabric ( right sides together) - leaving an opening to turn it right side out.
Turn the pocket R.S out and then position and stitch in place on the apron

I do hope you've enjoyed this blog and continue to enjoy the following blogs through the rest of the week!

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