Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas Tree Skirt Finale

Welcome to the final part of the Christmas tree blog.
The photograph below shows the next stage after quilting (for speed I quilted around every other square). I have trimmed the overlap on the back opening - just  1/4from each side", and cut out the central 2 rows to allow for the tree trunk (obviously the amount trimmed from the centre will depend upon the size of tree to be decorated).
 Next I cut each of the remaining strips into 4, mixing the lengths a little for variety.
I joined the short ends together to make a long strip, which I then pressed in half along the length.
These strips are for the binding which I machined all round the raw edges of the tree skirt.
When stitching the inside corners arond the central hole I pulled the 'skirt' straight to stitch as shown in the picture below - this will create an inside mitre. Trim the excess binding strip away.
Using some of the remaining bias strip I cut 4 lengths and pressed the raw edges into the middle and the end under. top stitch these in place to make ties.
Attach the ties to the underside seam of the binding ( the suggested positions are shown in the photo below.)
Press the binding to the wrong side and slip stitch in place.
 Now all you have to do is choose your Christmas Tree and......
I am so about next weeks' Quilt Blog Hop - I have the privilege to start it off on Monday - I can't wait to see what everyone else has made.
Have a great weekend.

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