Monday, 13 October 2014

Advent Calendar part 2

The next stage of the advent calendar I started last week is the numbered pockets. First of all, using my Square, 4in Finished die I cut out 24 pocket fronts and 24 pocket linings with my Big Shot. I used the same fabric (Essex linen) for both but the lining could be made from any of the fabrics used in the calendar. Half a yard of fabric should be enough for 24 squares.

Next up were the numbers and I can't even guess at how much time (and hand-cramp) was saved by using the Lollipop Shadow Numbers die rather than drawing out and cutting by hand - hours though! Plus every number was consistent and perfectly cut out. By applying a piece of iron-on adhesive to the reverse of the fabric before the numbers were cut meant all that was left was to peel the backing paper off and iron them on. So, so quick and easy! How much fabric is required for the numbers depends on how efficiently they are cut out but a fat quarter should be plenty (I used approximately two thirds of a fat quarter).

To make the best, most efficient use of the fabric (and adhesive) scraps can be cut from between the holes in previously used sections and used again. Thirteen number 1's need to be cut out but being a narrow number quite a few can be cut from scrap pieces (others will have to be cut from measured out pieces of fabric though).

Here's a list of how many of each of the numbers are required:

Number 0 - 2
Number 1 - 13
Number 2 - 8
Number 3 - 3
Number 4 - 3
Number 5 - 2
Number 6 - 2
Number 7 - 2
Number 8 - 2
Number 9 - 2

Once all of the numbers were ironed in place in the centre of a pocket front, I sewed around the edges to make absolutely sure they can't go anywhere.

Before sewing a front and lining together a 1/4in fold was pressed to the wrong side along the bottom edge of them all. Then, with right sides together, a front was pinned to a lining and sewn together leaving an opening along the bottom. The corners were snipped off and each pocket turned the right way out and pressed flat.

The final part for me to get on with this week is to fix the pockets to the background and finish the advent calendar, I'll blog about that next time.

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