Thursday, 2 October 2014

Downton dilema

 Well it's only how to put the quilt together! - there's and easy way for the piecing, which is difficult to plan, or there is a difficult way to piece which is very easy to plan - still not sure which option to take - here are the options -

 I can make each pinwheel complete and then lay them out to get a balance of colour and pattern - but the piecing will be complicated, or
I can stitch the shapes into triangles - but as you can see from the numbering on the pieces in each triangle that it is quite complicated - so I'm off to the sewing machine to see which method I'm going to adopt - back soon.
The decision is made - this method was quite tricky to stitch precisely although as previously discussed it's easy to plan.
 This triangle method gives me a much neater result - not so many difficult half seams - so I'm going to attempt this method and hope that I can plan it well enough.
As I have about 20 different fabrics to work with I think this method will work.
My next task is to cut some more half hexagons with die - and get sewing again. I'm going to cut 24 half hexagons from each fabric and see how far I get - this may just end up as a bed runner-or a single bed quilt - I'm not sure yet. I'll keep you informed as it progresses!
Next week I'm demonstrating at Alexandra Palace at the Knitting and Stitching show. I'll be on The Cotton Patch stand, I'm not sure of the number, so if you're at the show come and say hello.
Hope to see you next week.


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