Thursday, 23 October 2014

Downton part 3

Have you enjoyed the last week?
I've had great fun, playing with the grandchildren, shopping for a holiday later in the year and choosing some fabrics for new projects.
But I've also had  moments of wanting to scream or just cry - why? because of my Downton quilt!!
I had stitched lots of half hexagons into triangles but when I came to lay them out in strips somehow they didn't match!!! Even my husband couldn't see how to  make it work - so after a while of unpicking I proceeded to lay them out again - but the cautionary note to this tale is pin the half-hexagons into triangles -
and then pin the triangles into rows -
and as long as you're careful as you stitch them it should become quite straight forward!
This is how far I've got -
and this is a closer look at how the 'whirligig' looks -
I now have a clear idea of how to complete this quilt - but it means that I need to order some background fabric -  maybe from the new 'downstairs' range in Downton fabrics!
As usual I think it's time for a cup of tea, and then it's time to start planning for next week.
Enjoy the weekend.

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