Thursday, 30 October 2014

Downton continued

Hello again, are you enjoying the cosy autumn evenings now we have turned the clocks back?
I'm enjoying the autumn colours in the trees, and the fallen leaves - which I still enjoy kicking my way through ( even when I haven't got my grandchildren with me!!)
Talking about colours - I received a wonderful box of  'Art Gallery' fabrics last week -
sent to me by for a whole heap of projects - now this is a little unfair, as you won't get a glimpse of any of the projects until later in the year or even early next year - but these fabrics are so bright and beautiful to work with I just wanted to share the photo.
Before I show you the latest progress on 'Downton' I just show you a couple of photos from the workshop I taught  yesterday at The Sewing Room in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, the shop - for Anita - you can see her in the second photo below

 We had fun making quick and easy Christmas decorations, using hearts , and stars
Christmas decorations will feature in my blogs next month - when I hope to have finished Downton.
So here is the next instalment -
I finished laying out the triangles and then joined them into strips - here you see all the strips joined together - to make a large central hexagon.
Now I really want this to be a quilt that I can snuggle up under while watching Downton Abbey - so I'm going to add a neutral fabric - maybe calico to make this into a rectangle, and then maybe add a border to create the size I want - so that will be the final instalment - and then I'll give you the fabric requirements as well.
Meanwhile enjoy the cosy evenings and keep sewing.

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