Saturday, 4 July 2015

Birthday Set with new printable from Sizzix

Hey crafty people out there,
I hope you had a beautiful week? It´s reeeeeaaaally hot here in Germany the last days and it will be for the next week. But I can´t stop crafting? Are you with me? ;) 

On the Sizzix Facebook Site you can find a link to a new awesome set of free pattern to print at home. I printed them on Vellum and I loooooove how it turned out. All the little cute hearts, it´s so lovely. :) And be sure to follow Sizzix on Facebook to get the newest infos and a loooot of crafty inspirations. But ok, you wanna see what I made with this printable? Scroll down. ;)

We are invited to a birthday party tonight and I can´t wait to give this cute birthday set to the birthdaygirl. A card is an absolutely MUST for birthdays and because she will get a voucher, I made a fitting box with the Big Shot Plus Starter Kit.

The list of supplies:

Cardstock, sentiment stamps, needle and some twine, felt, vellum to print the pattern on

I love that the butterfly on the card could sit on the flower on the box. ;) I used felt for the flower and the butterfly to create a little more depth and structure on this birthday set.

I thought it´s a little bit boring just to glue the die cuted circles on the card, so I took some twine and a needle to add a cute element.

Do you like this set? And what about the Sizzix pattern? I think it´s perfect for so many reasons. I think I will make some wedding cards with it in the future.

Have a nice weekend everybody, xo Julia


Hallo ihr Lieben,
mir ist so warm. Ich hoffe ihr verzeiht mir das ich heute keinen deutschen Text schreibe. *puh* Aber vielleicht reiche ich ihn nach. ;) Habt ein wundervolles Wochenende, xo Julia