Friday 31 July 2015

Creative Curves - Part one

Hi, Trudi here from Quilting Prolifically.  I've been working on curved piecing, having started on a whole series of Double Wedding ring inspired quilts.  Ambitious I know, but I have one under my belt already, and a second started.  But sometimes all those curves can be a little intimidating, so I wondered if I could create the illusion of curves without the curved piecing.

Yes you can!

so armed with my Sizzix Bigshot Plus and the following dies

659838 Bigz Square 4 1/2"
659832 Bigz Half Square Triangle 4 1/2" pieced
659853 Bigz L Isosceles & Right 4 1/2" H 
 657611 Bigz Half Square Triangle 2 1/2" pieced

and my recently overflowing scrap bin   ....

I set to making a whole bunch of Half Square Traingles,  

Because when it comes to quilts, I sort of love a big bed size quilt, I pieced and pressed these in sets of 10's so I could keep track I had the right amount made.  and if I lost count, it was easy to recount at a glance!

mix in a few squares, and the Shoo Fly blocks are done 

all 18 of them!

next up was piecing the other block, but, with Festival of Quilts looming fast, my progress has been put on hold, while I finish my entries for delivery next week

so I'll be back next month to show you these blocks, how I pieced them, and how when you put both the blocks together you create the illusion of curves without a curve in sight. 

Of course, add in a little quilting and the whole thing should come together nicely! 

See you soon!  Trudi

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