Saturday, 25 July 2015

Elephant Parade - Part 2/2

Hey everyone,
do you remember my project from last week? Yes, this is the second part of it. I love the elephants! That´s a fact. ;) I am always looking for pretty gift wrapping ideas, especially things that I can make by myself. When I saw the elephant dies I had the idea to make my own garland for birthday gifts, maybe for a little baby girl or a little girl who loves pink. :) 

I die cutted a lot of circles in a light pink and a cardstock with a floral pattern. For the elephants I choose a white and a pink cardstock. Believe me, the pink elephants are a blast! :) Need to make a project with them very soon. :) 

Of course I needed a sparkling detail on my gift-wrapping-garland, so I took some sequins in white and gold to sew them onto the circles. :)

List of Supplies:

Do you like it? I think I have to make some more… Sewing with paper is so much fun! Can´t wait to wrap it around a beautiful gift. :)

Have a nice weekend, xo Julia

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