Monday 20 July 2015

How to assemble the Cupcake box!

Have you seen the new Framelits and Thinlits Plus? I love that Sizzix now does A4 dies to use with the Big Shot Plus!
Last time, I showed how to use all the small dies that accompany one of those new dies, the Cupcake Box. Then I realised I should have started with the beginning, showing how to assemble the box step by step not that it is difficult! And probably there is more than one way to do it, but this one works for me.

For this project you will need:

Two pieces of A4 card and adhesives, that is it!

Die cut two pieces of the largest die (left bottom), one base (right) and one cupcake base (centre top, optional). It all can be cut using just two pieces of A4 card and you will get leftovers.

Make sure that you fold all scoring lines before gluing. Makes a huge difference when assembling. If you wanted to die cut an aperture, now is the moment. With the kit you get quite a few options: an oval, a window, a rectangle, and a circle.

Attach the flap to the other piece lining up the edge of the right piece and the score line of the left piece.

Add glue to one of the flaps of the bottom piece.

Attach to the panel that has no flaps.

Fold the right piece, towards the centre. Add glue to its right flap.

Fold over the left piece so that it overlap perfectly over the glue flap.

Add adhesive to the unglued three bottom flaps. I use magnets to secure the pieces in place while the strong wet adhesive is drying. If you are using double sided tape, this is not needed.

Close down the bottom and make slight pressure inside to secure the bond if you are using wet adhesives.

Overlap the flaps at the top to keep the box close.
There you have it, all done. And it really takes less than 5 mins from start to finish!

Now, if you want to pretty it up a bit, you can use one of the many dies that come in the set. Here I used the larger rectangle (there are two) and die cut patterned paper. 
Then I simply glue one rectangle to each side.

Done! Perfect for cupcakes but also perfect for presents as a gift box.

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