Thursday, 16 July 2015

Final blooms

 It's not such a sunny day today - but the flowers in the garden and on my cushion are still looking lovely.
I have enjoyed embellishing this cushion, and in fact could have done more - but you have to decide when enough is enough - so for now this is the completed cushion.
To remind you the die I used is Bigz Die - Flower Layers and Leaves by Dena Designs™ 657690 along with the Big Shot Machine to cut e sponge shapes for the printing - I used some silk paints that I've had for a long time for my printing, but you can use any fabric dies for this project.
So here are the images of the embellishments on the flowers - I've used a mixture of embroidery threads, machine threads, and a selection of beads -
The net and the beading give some definition to the rather blobby printing!
 Beads and net have added focus to the flowers
Back stitch around the flowers have added gentle definition at the top of the cushion -

Extra beads in the centre adds interest -
French knots at the centre of this flower make it stand out more, while the leaf has been outlined with a single machine thread to gently highlight -
Here there are 2 leaves embroidered with the same colour - but the top one has thicker stem stitch for the veins, while the lower leaf just has a single thread for variety -
To complete the cover I stitched a plain back onto it and inserted a cushion pad, slip stitching the opening edges together.
So here it is completed -

 and here it is in the garden - a bit washed out by the sunlight - but looking good!
I hope you've enjoyed this little wander into printing and then embellishing, of course you can play with lots of different flower shapes and put more beads, net and embroidery on yours - however you like it enjoy making it!!
Now I'm going to have a cup of tea and enjoy my cushion and flowers on the patio - and start thinking about Festival of Quilts - which is only 3 weeks away. I hope you've got your tickets and booked travel and accommodation if needed. I see you there.

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