Monday, 5 May 2014

clam chowder

Don't worry - we haven't branched off into recipes, I couldn't think of a snappy title without thinking about food!

So, I've had this die sitting around for too long. Every now and then it taunts me, daring me to give it a try. I've come close many times, but then I've popped it back into the box and moved on to something else.

This weekend I was working on a hundred other things and it suddenly dawned on me - instead of piecing the clamshells (which I've tried before and I didn't get good results) I could applique them, but instead of using mylar to make templates (mylar is a hear resistant template material, like a light plastic but you can iron it, then pop the template out when you're done and reuse it) I could use some floriani stitch n wash fusible stabiliser and use that as templates. I've done it before with english paper piecing and it works brilliantly (you can find out more about it from this link).

(sorry about the phone pic - for some reason my computer isn't letting me edit on picmonkey)

I'll keep you posted - fingers crossed it all goes to plan! I'm quite excited about it!


  1. I've been making the clams with the Sizzix but appliquéd with Mylar and starch and then Roxane glue before appliquéing. Works for me. I'm not a huge fan of the Floriani as I find it doesn't wash completely out and I like my appliqué to be soft, but I reckon it sounds like a brilliant idea!

  2. This is on my I am hoping your brilliant idea works out!